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Searching for Asheville Real Estate has never been easier. Whether you are interested in buying or selling a historical home, investment property ora second home in the Asheville or Western North Carolina area, you need to consider multiple factors which require knowledge and experience of a Historical Real Estate Specialist. Often historic homes need repairs and maintenance that require honest and experienced contractors and home inspectors. There are many issues dealing with possible foundation problems, previous pest infestations, ways to improve energy efficiency, historical district guidelines, roof and decking problems, wet basements and drainage problems. You will need someone that has personally and professionally dealt with these problems before and is able to assist in getting the appropriate estimates quickly and efficiently.This experience will be beneficial during the negotiating process and there are a number of items that must be considered. Click here to see "Things to Consider When Buyinga Historic Home". Whether it's your home or an investment property, you need to know the facts so that you can make the proper informed decisions. With the right information, you are in a better position to negotiate as an informed buyer or seller. Having grown up in an 1890's Victorian home that was in a state of repair my entire childhood, the lead paint may have dulled my senses a little but I've continued to gain experience through my own renovations and through assisting others. I love history and the discoveries that can be made when researching a property. These discoveries, I believe, can add value to your property. We now offer the services of a "house historian" who can efficiently find the story that your property has to tell. So whether you're considering selling or buying a historic property, or if you'd just like to have us assist you researching the history of your property, you've come to the right place.ERA Sunburst Realtycan provide testimonials, references and look forward to discussing the possibilities. We have provided a number of resources on this site pertaining to the beautiful Asheville area and an easy to use search function. If you would like to receive daily updates of properties that meet your criteria with an ability to log on and view up-to-the-minute availability of those properties, click here. By doing so you will have the ability to view detailed information for listings in the greater Asheville area, including Henderson, Madison,and Haywood Counties,with pictures, addresses, directions and more. Thanks for visiting our site!

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